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What Are Salvage Cars

Salvage cars are generally newer cars that have either been writen off or have a damaged engine for example. These cars are usually newer than 2002 and are popular cars that can be repaired and re used or have value in their parts. Salvage cars are worth more than scrap cars which generally range from £200 - £10000 depending on the vehicle and fault.

For instance a 2001 fiat brava with a gearbox problem is not classed as a salvage car because they are being scrapped daily and have no re sale value. But a 2002 fiat punto with a gearbox fault is a salvage car because it does still have a re sale value or can be used for parts.

     Cars we always pay more for:

  • Any classic cars pre 1990 i.e VW Beetles and Campers

  • Any future classics i.e ford RS Turbos Series 1 etc

  • All 2002 and newer insurance write offs

  • Low milage small hatch backs some from 2000 onwards

  • All motorbikes and scooters except chinesse

  • Finance cars that we can clear the finance on

    We consider all salvage cars on their own merits and two cars with the same problems are never valued the same for that reason please contact us via the email form or call us for a price:

    07756 202 490

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